We've included some links to forms below that may come in handy if you're planning on becoming an agency, volunteering or donating food.  If you have any questions on how to complete the forms, it's always best to contact us directly.


Agency Forms


Agency Application


Terms of Donation


Operation Blessing Stewardship Comittment


Thank you for your interest in applying to become an agency partner with the Indianapolis Midwest Food Bank.  A complete application will include the following:


1.  A completed Agency Application.

2.  A signed copy of the Terms of Donation Letter.

3.  A signed copy of the OB Terms of Donation Letter.

4.  A reference letter recommending your nonprofit organization.

5.  A copy of your Federal 501c3 status letter. 




Volunteer Forms


Make a Difference - donate time


Donate Transporta tion & Logistics

Volunteer Agreement & Release of Liability


Donating Food


Make a Difference - donate food





2014 Load Out Calendar

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