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The Midwest Food Bank Indianapolis has a long standing partnership with the Indiana Motor Truck Association.  IMTA partners have personally and corporately helped feed hungry Hoosiers to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 8 years. Scroll down to see the impact that Midwest is making in the community, how the IMTA has helped and how you can help with our new efforts.









IMTA members are among our most generous personal and corporate donors. Aside from cash donations, IMTA member organizations have donated trucks, trailers, and services including graphics, maintenance, and transportation. Transport partners have helped move loads throughout Indiana and most recently aiding in disaster relief in flood-affected South Carolina.  












Where we're heading and how you can help.

To discuss how you or your organization can help or to schedule a meeting or visit to our facility

contact Director of Operations, Jeremy Baynai, 734-624-3608,


1) Remote Distribution Sites

Transportation: Some of the neediest areas in our state are far outside Indianapolis. To help meet this need, Midwest has started three remote distribution sites.  We are looking for 3 transportation partners who can help move 1 load each month to one of our remote sites.


2) Streamlined Maintenance

Maintenance partners/sponsors: Does your company maintain hundreds or thousands of trucks and have capacity to care for 5 more? Do you replace thousands of tires each year and could leverage your supplier to donate a few?  We believe it is our responsibility to maintain the equipment given to our care and are looking for partners who can help us keep our trucks and trailers in peak condition from DOT inspections to reefer PMs.


3) Food Reclaimation

Awareness/communiation: As the "Crossroads of America" we know that a lot of food and supplies move through our state and a sizeable portion of that is rejected at the retail or DC level.  We are working with the Indy Hunger Network to find new ways to make sure that food goes to help hungry Hoosiers rather than to the landfill.  We want to make sure all IMTA trucking companies are informing their dispatchers and drivers on what to do with rejected loads in central Indiana and beyond.


4) More Volunteer CDL Drivers

Training partner: Midwest Food Bank Indianapolis operates with just 5 staff and 1 truck driver.  Everything else is the effort of our extremely dedicated volunteers (1,700 individuals/24,000 hours).  We are looking for 1 partner with a full training program that can help a few interested volunteers acquire Class A or B CDLs.


5) Funds

At Midwest Food Bank, we do more with less, so people with less can have more. No matter how efficient we get, it still takes donated funds to keep the lights on and gas in the trucks. Donations can be made online or mailed to...

Midwest Food Bank

6450 S Belmont Ave

Indianapolis IN 46217

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